Saturday, July 26, 2014

Done, done, and done.

I am a full-time mom.

I am a full-time, home-based employee.

I am a full-time girlfriend.

I am a full-time friend.

I am a full-time daughter.

I am a full-time sister.

And I am planning to put up a business soon *cross fingers*.

On top of all that, I am planning for a (relatively) bright future that includes Brianna, myself, and two more people.

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Although it's important to do what I can do now for that future I desire and keep myself (and everyone else) aligned to that final vision, most of the time, all I want is just to take a break from all of my responsibilities and obligations but we all know how impossible that is.

For me, taking that kind of break means dying for a while and I can't afford to die even for just a second. There's a lot that needs to be done and a lot to be taken care of. I know that I should be delegating jobs to the people in my life but since I want everything done right the very first time, I shoulder a lot of the responsibilities. This also limits the frustrations on my part.

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Most of the time, though, I feel like I am going to lose my mind because of all the things that are in my head. Maybe the reason is I don't know how to effectively organize my thoughts and do things all at the same time. So if God and the Universe are listening to me right now, I hope to unlock the skill of being able to multitask.

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I cannot multitask to save my life. I can't even fall asleep and listen to music at the same time. That's how bad I am at multitasking. Which can get really, really bad during PMS season 'cause I can't focus on anything but having PMS. Having all those responsibilities I've mentioned earlier call for the multitasking skill not to gain some sort of recognition from other people but just so I can stay sane at the end of the day because it can get pretty cray-zey.

Right now, though, I still can't master this skill so the next best thing for me? Taking a break. Just sitting on one corner, reading a book or watching Friends (for the 1329785678124659th time). Having a break doesn't only give my mind some rest; it also reminds me of my goals and how I should act in accordance to those goals so when I get back into action, I know exactly what to do.

Now, how can I start mastering the art of multitasking?


  1. hello! appreciate credit (source attribution) for the 3rd pic cos it's an artwork of mine from this contest entry

    thanks aleigna! :)

    1. Hi Yan! I'm sorry, I didn't credit you for the photo. I also forgot to mention in the entry that I don't own any of the photos posted. I edited the blog entry already.

      Thank you, Yan! :)