Saturday, September 20, 2014

What is it with me and guys texting at wee hours in the morning?

I currently have 3 guys who regularly send me "Heyyy you up?" (seriously, yan talaga yung nakalagay) messages at 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning and just this morning, another "friend" from college decided to drop me a Facebook message, asking how I'm doing. There's nothing wrong with that except PLEASE STOP MESSAGING ME AT 4 IN THE FREAKIN' MORNING! We all know that that time of the day - IT'S STILL NIGHTTIME REALLY - is the booty call hour. It doesn't even matter what your opening message is; we both just know that it's all about getting frisky.

What's worse is I made it pretty clear that I am in a serious relationship with someone at the moment. Do I look like someone who will cheat on my boyfriend for a night in the sack with a sad guy who can't find - and stick with - another girl to do dirty things with?

Am I giving off a vibe that only jerks could pick-up? Yeah, I talk like a sailor most of the time but that doesn't give guys the permission to go all Barney Stinson on me. I'm not that kind of girl.


  1. Rhetorical question: what if I did it? Would you be creeped out too?

    Wala lang. Not that I'd do it, but naisip ko lang after reading this. (Likely tulog ako nun. Can't stay up at that time unless I have school.)

    1. Kahit sino pang gumawa, magffreakout talaga ako. One of the 4 guys, I actually liked for years(!!!) pero nagfreakout ako - not in a good way - when he sent me a message. It just bothers me lalo di ko naman sila boyfriend. I mean, I'D booty text/call the boyfriend. One of the perks of the relationship, I guess, pero if we're friends - kahit pa close friends - I don't think it's proper. I'm usually pretty liberated when it comes to sex but I guess I have my limits, too.


    2. But of course. Hindi ka naman yung tipong tao na itatapon na lang ang sarili sa kung sino-sino. Dito mo nalalaman kung ano talaga ang pakay ng mga tao sa paligid mo.

    3. Exactly!!! OMG super eye-opener talaga!