Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grinning like an idiot on a Sunday night.

Currently watching last week's episodes of Pure Love and please don't judge me for watching this teleserye but it's really good (partly because it's a remake of a Koreanovela meaning the concept's not really Pinoy but what the hell). Anyway, I got all kilig when this scene came up from the September 18 episode. When I realized I was smiling like a high school girl, I thought "WTH stop smiling!" because it's lame and also because I am not Yen Santos in this scene. (Sorry boyfie!)

I don't understand why most Pure Love viewers push for the Joseph Marco-Alex Gonzaga love team when clearly, his and Yen Santos' chemistry is spot on. I know the love story angle revolves around Dave and Dianne but Yen Santos' portrayal of Dianne-possessed Ysabel makes that angle work. Am I the only one feeling this way? JoYen/SephYen/YenSeph...whatever they're called in teleserye fandom; I'm rooting for them.


Photos are not mine. Found them in Instagram (#nakedtruth). 

Hayyy Sir Dave...

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