Thursday, September 25, 2014

I don't care if you call me "mababaw"; I have my reasons.

(I don't even know how to write this. That's how shitty I'm feeling right now.)

I guess there are people who don't get attached to material things as much as I do. Don't get me wrong; I'm not materialistic. I just attach emotions and sentiments and all those touchy-feely stuff to things. That's the reason why I have kept a whole lot of junk from the past. Mind you, most of these things weren't given to me. These are things I bought/picked up from the garbage (gross, I know)/made that remind me of certain emotions/situations. I'm sentimental like that.

(Teka, teka, teka: Is that what materialistic means? Keeping trash you don't actually need? I'm kind of confused and quite frankly, I forgot what it actually means. Tanga ba? Bite me.)

It just bums me out that the one person who I thought held on to sentiments the way I did, apparently, doesn't see it that way. I know I shouldn't expect things from others but I just can't help it especially if he's the kind of guy who seems like he just walked right out of a rom-com movie. You know, surprise-favorite-breakfast-meals, movie-marathon-while-cuddling-on-a-couch, holding-hands-while-driving kind of guy. At some point, you're going to have to expect things. Like holding on to things that's remotely close to the two of us.

Anyway, whatever. It's nothing major. It's just a stupid watch. Right now, I'm ready to bawl my eyes out if he disposes it off (meaning he'll give it to his sister) but I'm pretty sure tomorrow I'll be over it. It isn't mine anyway. I just have the same watch which I honestly thought we bought as kind of a couples watch of sorts but whatever. I don't care anymore.

PS. It sucks that after all that I've been through, I still expect things from people.

PPS. Yes, all of this for a stupid watch.

PPPS. I don't think you'll ever understand why I'm making a big deal out of this but whatever.

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