Monday, December 21, 2015

OTWOL Feedback...

...from someone who didn't succeed in broadcasting.

I'm sorry. I've been an avid follower of this Nadine Lustre - James Reid serye, mostly because of James Reid's ab exposures, and I've noticed a huge dip in the quality of their output and James' half-nakedness.

I graduated with a degree in Communication Arts and have learned a thing or two when I worked freelance for TV and TV commercials upon graduation. I would want to point out some of my observations, not that they matter at all:
  1. The storytelling suddenly became sloppy. I know, I know. Taping and writing every single day can be tiring but there's a reason why ABS-CBN is paying people for this project. I hope they find a way to tell OTWOL like they did before. I'M ROOTING FOR YOU GAIZ.
  2. Continuity! Please lang po. You can check previous wardrobe and make-up from tapes from the day before. Nadine tends to suffer this one the most. She wore 2 different sets of clothes for one day - same episode pa! - kaya kitang-kita. You can ask production assistants to take note of this.
  3. Transitions have become scarce these past few weeks. I don't know why this is the case because there are a lot of scenes that the story (both its entirety and just for a single episode) can do without anyway. Why not lose those in exchange of better transitions?
  4. And speaking of transitions, the music that comes with them are not edited well, in my opinion. Plus, there are parts of specific episodes where the music is so much louder than the talkies (Tama ba ang jargons ko, classmates?).
  6. But I love James Reid's abs more so please give me back my James abs time!
I am not a professional or anything. I just want you guys to succeed! Team JaDine all the way! Let's do this, team! #CertifiedOTWOLista


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