Sunday, December 20, 2015

You better watch out.

I came face-to-face with one of the meanest people I will ever meet in my lifetime this weekend. I used to think that kontrabidas just lived inside the television until this witch came waltzing in, complete with a fan, a raised eyebrow and her perfectly combed hair. Imagine Susan Roces minus the positive aura.

If I were given the chance to be honest with her - and if I were a rude sonofabitch - there are 3 things I'd like to tell her: 1) Leave my daughter out of this. 2) Don't you ever talk down on me again. I respect the elderly but - and you could ask my boyfriend, your nephew, about this - I am not one to take that kind of talk and just be cool with it. I have a really bad temper and I am not afraid to let it loose especially when I am protecting myself and the people I care about the most. It doesn't matter that you're old and you're my boyfriend's aunt; you WILL hear from me if you do that again. And 3) Your money doesn't make you better than anyone. You might be rich financially but for me, you definitely are the poorest person to walk the Earth with that attitude.

After the encounter with the worst person I know, I felt gratitude. I felt thankful that my parents, despite their imperfections, NEVER made anyone feel that way. Yeah, my mom gossips a lot and tend to be a tad bit judgemental especially when it comes to people's physical appearance and my dad can be painfully critical of everyone around him but they have never made anyone feel that they're above them. They can be self-righteous from time to time but who isn't, right? Point is, they have a lot to brag about, too, but they never exuded that "high and mighty" air that woman seemed to have bathed in; most especially not to family. That wench keep stepping all over her family, you'd be surprised she's still alive.

You know what's even more surprising, though? She's never missed a Sunday mass in her life. Talk about ironic.


  1. It's not that surprising, really. I remember this study that suggests that the more religious a child is, the more mean he is towards others. It's a fascinating take... pero hindi ko lang mapost yung link kasi baka mapagkamalan as spam, haha.

  2. Super weird. Same reason I don't serve the church anymore. Too many two-faced people. Akala mo kung sinong santo pag nasa simbahan. Pag labas, napakasasama ng ugali. Oo, may pinaglalaban ako. Hahaha.