Friday, October 26, 2012

One of the things Thought Catalog made me realize...

Yes, I've been reading way too much Thought Catalog for my own good. It's a great pick-me-upper or it can be a great depressant, depending on the article you are reading. Sometimes, it's both in one article.

Anyway, after probably a hundred Thought Catalog articles read, one of the things I realized is that the human form of Ursula, Vanessa, is one of the hottest female cartoon characters Disney has ever drawn.

She's also one of the more legit villains, too, because let's admit it: In real life, there are more hot people who antagonize the lives of "normies" than the uglies - excuse me for the term - antagonizing the lives of good-looking people. Case in point: Mistresses and kept men are usually better looking than the actual girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband.

Also, her smoldering look and her singing voice can bring any man (and woman, if that's how you roll) to his (or her) knees. This was "dictated" to me by one of the articles. To prove it, though, I re-watched The Little Mermaid. I totally see it now.

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