Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still got it!

Last Saturday night, I was (drunkenly) telling Bry how I felt ugly ever since 2009 and how 2007 was the peak of my "beauty". He didn't necessarily give me the affirmation I would've appreciated in my then-drunken state so that I'm-not-pretty feeling stuck with me days after.

Then Tuesday came. Malia and I were gonna meet up in Wynsum Bldg. in Ortigas before we went to Jason's grandfather's wake. I arrived 30 minutes before she did so I decided to wait for her in Ortigas Park. I sat on one of the benches in the park, sharing it with a stranger in corporate attire, lit a cigarette and puffed away. I had my iPod on so I didn't notice him offering me a gum up until the song ended. I declined and he kept on talking to me despite how obvious my earphones were from his point of view.

He's probably around my age, doesn't look half bad and - according to him - he works as an accountant for San Miguel Corporation. He told me he was earning around Php 80,000 when he was still working online but he got banned on oDesk and that was when he decided to apply for the accountant post in San Miguel. All of these he told me while I had my earphones on. I just nodded on some parts of his "small talk" but I didn't give him anything. When Malia finally arrived, I had to excuse myself while he gloats on how rich he is. He asked for my number but I just left him there, with his iPhone 2g.

Okay, he gave me my much-needed self-esteem boost but while I was walking from Ortigas Park to the Wynsum Bldg., I realized:
  • I still got it!
  • how I hate doing small talk with people I don't know more than I hate doing small talk with people I do know.
  • when engaged in small talk with people I don't know, I don't really, you know, talk.
  • some people will still talk to you even if you have your earphones plugged in.
  • people get picked up in weird places.
  • that we were in a park in Ortigas. If he wanted to pick someone up, he shouldn't do it there. I mean, don't we go to bars or Quezon Ave. when we want to pick people up? He should do the same.

Anyway, now that my confidence gauge is semi-full, I guess I shouldn't dwell too much on how prettier I was back then. In fact, I'm now ready to see the photos I downloaded from Multiply again and organize them. (Yeah, both the motivation and the conclusion of this blog post is rather shallow but what do you care, huh?)


  1. blech, small talks suck!

    I feel embarrassed for that guy. hahahaha

    1. Right?! Ako din nahiya for him especially when he started telling me what a big shot he is.