Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Condo living...

I have shared my desire to buy my own condo unit a couple of years from now despite the hardships I am currently having financially. This doesn't stop me from wanting to achieve my dream condominium unit, which I think I've finally found:

From the Avida Land Facebook page

I know that loft units cost so much more than regular one-bedroom or two-bedroom units but I've always dreamt of living in a loft. I even want a house with a loft.

Anyway, I originally wanted a unit from a much cheaper developer since, as I've mentioned, I don't really have the most rewarding (financially-wise) job in the world but when I thought about it, if I were to build a home for both Brianna and me, it has got to be with one of the best. So Ayala - Avida it is!

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