Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding-related question...

I am not getting married anytime soon. I am not even in a(n actual) relationship right now but this thought has been "bothering" me these past few nights:

When I get married, should I still wear a white gown?

I know I have pegs posted here before (when I was still ecstatic to get married - but hey, things change) but when I thought about it a couple of days ago, as per the Catholic and practically every tradition known to man, white gowns are worn by virgins and clearly, I am not one.

So... Yeah.

(I'm having a hard time closing blog entries lately, I don't know why.)


  1. Wait.. you guys broke up na? :(

    Anyway, I decided not to wear white anymore not because I'm no longer a virgin (duh haha) but because white is really not my colour. The colour white doesn't really fit me! Haha! So I opted for a light champagne colour instead. Hope this helps :D

    1. Nothing official but we don't talk/text anymore.

      Kinasal na kayo? Why haven't we heard of this?