Monday, April 15, 2013

Under pressure.

This year, I started thinking of buying my own condo unit. It's kinda crazy for someone whose income is the same as mine... It gets crazier, though: I told myself to get one in 5 year's time. Well, maybe to some it's not that hard because they have good-paying jobs or their parents can actually get them one but I am not that blessed financially.

Anyway, I am now thinking of moving my deadline because I was suddenly struck by the realization that Brianna is turning 3 next year, meaning she has to go to school soon after that. Great, private education has always been - and forever will be - important to me despite what other people (a.k.a. the babydaddy) say so it will be my top priority for the next 20 years (K-12 will last 15 years, right?) meaning if I don't find any place else to get additional - hopefully, passive - income in the next few years, I might as well bid my 2-BR condo unit goodbye. If I marry a multi-millionaire who won't mind living in a condo unit in the South, then that will be an entirely different story.

Right now, though, I am trying to be Miss Independent which is pretty hard for someone with a skill set like mine. I write, sure, but it's not good enough to be published in any well-respected magazine and/or website. I don't have any passion in crafts-making, cooking or baking which can be a great source of income especially during the holidays and working for a corporation isn't really part of the plan. The business thing really is the most interesting one for me but first, I have to save up for capital which brings me back to my initial problem.

Hope I hit the Lotto jackpot so we can all forget my ramblings here.

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