Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just like that...

One full week hasn't even passed since the best day of 2013 - of my life, to be perfectly honest - when one of my greatest heartbreaks, ever, happened. I don't think I lacked the enthusiasm or the amount of positive vibes required by the universe for me to consistently receive all the lovin' but all of a sudden, I got dropped from the highest point of the "ride" and it feels like I'm plummeting to a tank full of piranhas that are my emotions.

But even if I've been let down, I still believe in the power of the Universe. After all, I'm in this position because of it. The best day of 2013 happened with the help of it. With that said, I am putting all these bad vibes to rest and will focus on attracting better things for myself again. Tomorrow, I will be better.

It won't hurt, though, for this weekend to top last week. I don't know how the hell it's going to happen because I've dubbed last weekend as such but I know it is possible. I have some ideas but they seem far-fetched now.

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