Monday, December 23, 2013

Do I really deserve this?

I am asking that in a good way and just so you know, I am not complaining, God and Universe. I just want to make sure that I truly deserve this particular blessing because I am just so in awe of this one, I still can't believe I have it and at that fast a turnaround time. Whew.

I know I've been through quite a lot in the romantic relationship department and I've survived to tell the whole damn story from 2003 but that also doesn't equate to me, being blessed with someone who's so good, I'm actually wondering if there's a catch. Not that I'm expecting for a catch but I'm just (still!) having a hard time believing that an actual nice guy exists. Like for real.

He's not much of a looker but his chivalrous and gentleman ways make him the most attractive guy I've seen in my entire life (okay, maybe not because Kean Cipriano) and no, we're not a couple (yet) cause I want to take things slow *cue Nice and Slow intro* plus I've a lot of issues to sort out first before I can admit even to myself that I am ready to be in a relationship again. Although I'm not gonna lie, this one's pretty hard to resist.

Anyway, I really don't know what good thing/s I did that made God and the Universe decide that I actually deserve Mr. Nice Guy right here but I'm really thankful that Christmas came early this year. (Naks! Rhyming!)

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