Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 16. #100HappyDays

(There is a reason why I don’t post food photos in Instagram and that photo proves it but that is not the purpose of this post.)

Today’s a great day overall: We enrolled Brianna to a summer school program and spent the entire afternoon in a mall and this bacon-banana-Nutella-toast dish in Pancake House is the cherry that tops the ice cream that is today. :)
Now, we’re capping the night off with Jack and Coke and I’m thinking, “Man I’m gonna get crunk tanayt!”

(Crunk means crazy drunk, FYI, and no I’m not yet drunk. Just assuming I’ll be in a while cause I’m so tired and we didn’t eat dinner before we started with our sesh…)

(Crunk? Tanayt? Sesh? Cool ko lang. Haha!)

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