Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 17. #100HappyDays

You wouldn't think 4 simple words will put me at ease but they did. I know, it's kinda mean that those words that calm me are the very same words that let me know that my Tatay is under some kind of pressure and what not but last night didn't end too well - although nothing can ruin the high I was in on yesterday, I have to admit it kinda bummed me out - and suffice to say I had to bite my tongue and keep my cool until all the alcohol's flushed out of my system. I did just that and it probably was the best decision I made this week.

Tatay and I write e-mails to one another when we want to talk about serious stuff (we both are not fans of confrontations). It has been a long standing tradition between us. It started, of course, with handwritten letters back in gradeschool. We do this because we both believe it's better when no one interrupts us when we talk (I got it from mah poppa) and we get to explain and understand everything clearly that way so that's what I did this morning. I needed a bit of encouragement from my special friend, though, since I was kinda thinking of just letting the issue go...

Anyway, I wrote a whole novel, complete with the characters in my Maalaala Mo Kaya-worthy love story and that's his only reply. Granted, it's not much (he's really not much of a talker, even in his letters), but that's enough to assure me that everything's okay between us.

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