Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 24. #100HappyDays

No longer a Mang Raul’s virgin!

(Edited 07 Mar 2014)

Before Mang Raul's, there were 2 other isawan places that I could have sworn served the best isaw: the one in Castro in La Salle and the one in Fourth Estate (Area 5) but this...oh my gosh - and I swear it's not just the hype - is the best isaw I've tasted by far.

We got to Mang Raul's at around 8pm and I was told they close at 9 but the place was PACKED. 8:30pm and people are still coming in swarms. We were supposed to get more but they ran out of isaw ng manok. (BTdubs, I only eat isaw ng manok)

More, more things I was thankful for from yesterday:
  1. Friends marathon + lazy afternoon with him.
  2. Tinapa + itlog na maalat + fried rice
  3. Meeting his college friends
  4. Perpeys liempo sisig.

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