Friday, March 7, 2014

Slowly but surely.

Last night, I met my favorite person's college friends. We drank. We ate. We smoked. We talked. We laughed. That's to be expected. It's an inuman session, after all. What I didn't expect is how all girlfriend-y I acted last night...and a clingy one at that.

I wasn't disappointed by it at all, don't get me wrong. In fact, I've been waiting for my old clingy girlfriend self for the longest time cause I lost her and I got so bummed about it for realz 'cause I love being clingy but now that she's slowly coming back, I'm grateful. Surprised, even, that she's still with me despite all the hurt I've been through because of her but I am not complaining. If anything, I'm ecstatic to know that she's still in me.

Everything is going as planned and I know by the time we finally make everything official, old clingy Ale will be back in full and I think my favorite person will appreciate her more than anyone else ever did/will.


  1. Unusually cheesy statement from me: I don't think your clingy side disappeared -- I think it was just waiting for the right person.

    Also, yay!

    1. Thought I chased her away by choosing jerks who don't appreciate her. Buti nalang bumalik talaga.

      And yay indeed! :)