Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Safe space" doesn't exist anymore!

Not even Twitter! It's so hard that I can't rant or rave about anything on Twitter anymore. I mean, I can't even post how proud I am of my weight loss without sounding like I am trying to fish compliments from those who can read my tweet.

Anyway, I really am proud of how I look now. I've been working really hard and I've sacrificed a lot of free chips, free cakes, and free steaks for me to reach my goal and I'm finally here! I tried on a few clothes I've been holding on to since I got pregnant in 2010 and they look better on me now than they did before! Now I just have to firm up (eh?) the pregnancy flabs and I'm good to go.

I'd post photos if I weren't too self-conscious of how Haggardo Versoza my face looks like. Also, my room is too messy to show the world.

I need new clothes! Universe, if you're reading this, I terribly need to get that opportunity...of course, not only because I need new clothes but also because... I just need it and you probably know what it's about 'cause I keep on talking to you and God about it.

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