Sunday, November 11, 2012

Moms, too, are legends (like Raybans)!

While browsing through my favorite bloggers' sites, I came upon this post by Lissa Kahayon that got me thinking - after PSI, that is - about how I will be able to become a legend if I ever actually become a legend.

Right this very moment of my life, I still don't know what I'll contribute to the world that will make a mark in everyone's heart. I don't even know if I can do that within my lifetime but there's one thing I am sure of: I will be legen - wait for it! - dary (I just had to! For the love of HIMYM...) for this person:

Almost everything that I've been doing since this cutie patootie came to my life, I do for myself, of course, but I do them for her, too. I believe that I am giving her the best of everything that's within my capacity and capabilities. It's not much that I need to do them, it's more of I cannot imagine not doing them. Does that make sense?

Being a single mom can be quite challenging, especially here in the Philippines. I know that we've gone a long, long way from, say, 10 years ago when it comes to our acceptance with regards to these kinds of things but we can't help some other people's opinions that seem to have been dated 50 years ago. To be perfectly honest, though, even with all the eyes watching my every move, judging my decisions, I don't feel the need to prove anything to anybody. As long as I am not doing anything wrong and I am not imposing my beliefs to anybody, I'm good.

I know for a fact that I have a long, long way to go and a lot of lessons to learn about motherhood and I am not complaining one bit. I'm ready to take on that journey to legendary-ness (I love inventing words, okay?) for my mini me. I'm armed with the old school Rayban aviators over my eyes - that are focused on the bright prize that is being a legendary mom - and a couple packs of baby wipes to clean up the mess that I will inevitably make on my way there. Yes, I definitely am ready.