Wednesday, July 24, 2013

That's the dream!

Growing up in the South led me to dream this dream: To be an Alabang wife/mom.

I've always imagined living in the South. Yes, even though the babydaddy knocked me up and was practically forcing me to live way up North, I was still fantasizing of kissing my scruffy husband goodbye as he hurries off to work, taking my 2 kids to DLSZ/San Beda Alabang early in the morning, going home to an awesome house near Alabang Town Center and just lounge at the terrace while watching my neighbors' household help walk their dogs or water their plants. There's something about the South that has stuck with me and now, more than ever, I can't seem to shake it off. I have a feeling that this dream finally has the chance to come true. Not that I've finally found my dream scruffy South guy; - technically, I did but he doesn't like me like that - it's more of I've let go of the lie I've been telling myself that I can totally settle actually growing old somewhere North of Metro Manila...that I can settle with less than what I want (and deserve, if I may say so myself).

I won't be disappointing my 10-year-old self, after all... Maybe...

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