Friday, November 8, 2013

It feels good to have someone support you.

Ever since the break-up, I've been feeling like Ted here whenever people get all supportive of my actions and decisions. I know most of my friends have been there for me in the whole ordeal that is my latest relationship - and I am most certainly grateful for the support and love, friends - but for the most part, I've been focusing on all the things I've been told that I was doing wrong instead of my friends and family, cheering me on.

Now all I feel is that I am being appreciated and supported in everything - literally, EVERYTHING - I do. I think it helps that I don't just rush into things anymore and that I consult other wiser people before I make decisions now. But yeah, this support thing feels damn good. You just know that people actually believe in what you have to offer.

Side note: I can't find an existing photo from Tumblr with that quote so I had to make one. I don't know what font is being used by those Tumblr kids for the quotes so the one I used from Pixlr Express should be enough for now.

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