Friday, February 7, 2014

Watch How I Met Your Mother #TheWayYouWantIt!

I love watching TV. I decided to take up Communication Arts because I would love a job that allows me to work in TV or just to watch all the TV that I want.

I watch a whole lot of Filipino TV shows for a La Sallian and I actually enjoy them. I even get into screaming matches with the characters through our television set (I'm crazy like that). But I am not at all immune from the charm of American TV series. If anything, I talk about them here and on Twitter more than I talk about local TV shows only because I can relate to the characters of American TV shows more than I do the local TV show characters ("langit ka, lupa ako" type of situations are not really applicable to someone like me only because I'd rather not meddle with the rich and the famous...and as if they'd even notice me or anything).

My favorite TV series as of the moment has got to be How I Met Your Mother and I am quite thankful that our SKYcable DigiBox actually has 2nd Avenue and Star World where I can watch the show over and over again (even though I have the entire series up until the latest episode in my laptop AND my hard drive). This makes me wonder, though: Is there another cable channel that will allow me to catch old/new episodes of HIMYM? If so, I'd love to get it on our DigiBox. Luckily for me, SKYcable allows subscribers to add channels and packs that you like to the basic plan. So if there are other channels that air episodes of How I Met Your Mother, please please please, I beg you to tell me right away so I can add them to our current plan.

If I were given a chance, though, to watch How I Met Your Mother the way I want it, it has got to be on set and the whole production allowing interactions between me and the characters. There are a lot of times in the series that I wanted to hug the characters just to let them know that someone understands...especially Ted in the latest episode (s09e17). Oh my gosh, my feels! I just wanted to hug him, okay?! I don't even like the Ted-Robin tandem because Barnman and Robin are just ♥ but I was just so affected by one of the scenes in that episode okay!!! So, yeah, watching HIMYM on the set and allowing me to interact with them every once in a while has got to be the way I want to watch it.

If you're wondering how else you, too, can watch your favorite TV series and other cable TV shows #TheWayYouWantIt, just watch this SKYcable YouTube video:

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