Sunday, September 22, 2013


After the 2 heartbreaking weeks I just had, I finally managed to recover (a bit) and I thought of a non-negotiable. Non-negotiables are these things my friends told me I should have in order to have this sort of quality control over the guys I get into relationships with.

Anyway, I already have two from a previous blog post: the guy should accept and love my daughter fully and that he is on-board with all the goal-setting and universe-attracting that I do ('cause I do those a lot...A LOT! SERIOUSLY A LOT. I can't stress that enough).

The third non-negotiable, I guess, is that he should love me more than I love him. I know that sounds so mean but I've had it with putting jerks ahead of myself and getting hurt in the process. It just gets really, really, REALLY tiring.

It's a given that I would be head over heels in love with this guy but he should be fvckin' crazy about me. Not in the freaky, psycho kind of way. The annoying-to-other-people kind of fvckin' crazy about me. Complete with the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram couple photo updates, accompanying me/me and Brianna to wherever, meeting and loving my family and friends as much as I do (especially the friends!), the gifts, the non-stop landian in person, online, etc, the works! Plus, of course, keeping up with all the serious relationship stuff I screw up in all the time and great, great, great mind-blowing sex.

Yes, I am looking for the perfect guy now. I am done giving idiots excuses for the way they treat me.

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