Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's been a long, long while.

A lot has been happening these past few weeks/months but I haven't bombarded this place with the nonsense in my head. I don't know why, actually. Probably because I'm having way too much fun with everything, despite the fact that some of the things that's happened actually tore me into pieces. I don't know, maybe I've finally learned to see the good in it even though it hurts.

So what has happened these past few weeks/months? Let's see…
  • I've FINALLY been to Boracay.
  • And I actually went snorkeling!
  • And banana boat-ing!
  • Although I didn't get a tan.
  • But the Boracay sunset…ohmygod, it really is as pretty as everyone says it is.
  • I went hotel-hopping. Mind you, these are not cheap ass hotels you find along Malate or something.
  • I've managed to "dump" all the people that I don't want and need in my life, including the people related to them.
  • I had a major falling out with my dad.
  • But we're okay now. I think.
  • I got a full-time online job.
  • Brianna started and ended her summer class with flying colors.
  • My friends now know how crazy I get when I'm in a relationship.
  • I'm in a relationship.
  • But not without a falling out that almost led to a "break-up" even if we weren't really together yet that time.
  • Brianna celebrated her 3rd baptismal anniversary.
  • My laptop died on me in the middle of a hectic week at work.
  • Which led me to get a Mac. Which seems to be eating me up alive with every simple command that I can't figure out without the help of my brother or the Internet.
  • I've started reading books again.
  • I'm actually planning to buy a car.
  • And to get life insurance. As in legit planning, with quotations and loans and stuff.
  • I've achieved my weight goal and I'm actually maintaining it.
  • I've enrolled Brianna for this coming school year.
  • I hung out in a Starbucks branch all by myself after a really, really, REALLY long time. I think the last time I did that was in college. It was so refreshing, I want to do it regularly.
  • I got a new pair of glasses that makes me look like a hipster, according to a friend.
  • I failed to finish the #100HappyDays project which bummed me out…but not quite.
  • A lot of items on my wish list/bucket list have been ticked off, thanks to my wonderful new boyfriend who just keeps on granting everything on my lists. I'm not going to elaborate on what the items are/were but he's been doing that since we first saw each other again last September and I can't stop thanking him for it. I mean, it takes a lot of effort (and money) to get some of the things done (of course, a lot of them are easy and free) but I never heard him complain.
  • I might have found the perfect dress for my friend's wedding this November.
  • Brianna told me that I'm "very awesome", which is probably the best entry here.
  • Which I tweeted. I don't tweet as much, too, so there goes constantly documenting my life online.
  • Also stopped reading my Twitter timeline/browsing through my Instagram feed 509375894072101948578461807492 times a day. It's oddly refreshing.
I guess that's everything. I don't know how to get everything out and I am not doing one post for each item so I made a list. It's not chronologically arranged or something. I just wanted to take note of how exhausting but at the same time, exhilarating the past few weeks/months have been for me. The short-term memory loss that general anesthesia has given me will probably wipe my memory clean by the end of the first half of the year, might as well document what I remember now.

I am quite thankful for how everything is turning out. Despite the many, many, many disappointments, I feel that everything is falling into place. How can I not be grateful, right?


  1. I was actually looking forward to the rest of your 100 days. Sayang.

    But at least you didn't stop because you can't find anything to write about.

    1. Naks! Seryoso? Haha! :)) Nabuild ko naman yung habit so it's all good. :)

    2. Seryoso. After our conversation, with the long view of blogging about it... sayang, but yay still!